Let’s Make
the World sail!

You can buy a boat anywhere. Buying a boat with pleasure is what you do at WorldWide Sailing!

Whether you are a sailing school, association or individual sailor, WorldWide Sailing wants its customers to enjoy sailing without troubles. That is why we are committed and more than happy to support you. Both during the purchase and afterwards.

WorldWide Sailor

Our WorldWide Sailors can be found on almost every continent.

PE optimists are rock solid, unsinkable and have good sailing characteristics. The cheerful colours appeal to younger sailors. A bit of romping and acting tough while wanting to be the best. Worldwide, some 350.000 children have learned to sail in these boats. What a lovely little sailboat!

We have already delivered more than 18.000 boats in about 45 countries to sailing schools, watersports associations, rental organisations and resorts. Fortunately, these numbers are still growing steadily.

Want to know more? Take a look at our range or feel free to request more information. We are happy to talk to you!

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You are welcome to visit the Appeldijk in Heukelum. You will find 900 m2 of sailing fun!

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Gerke Smakman: "let's make the world sail!"

From the age of 18, I was a sailing instructor at sailing schools. There, I found out what qualities instructional sailboats should meet. Based on that vision, I developed an instructional optimist that was pleasant to sail and met those quality requirements. I now have 30 years of experience selling sailboats all over the world. This work still gives me great pleasure every day. It is super satisfying when people enjoy sailing our boats.