Worldwide Sailor

A lightweight and indestructible youth sailboat

A lightweight and indestructible youth sailboat with good sailing characteristics

Worldwide some 350.000 children have learned to sail in these fun little boats. These PE optimists are rock solid and have quite a few special details A fantastic instructional boat that will make not only sailing schools and associations, but also the children themselves, very happy.

The special features at a glance

Mast step

Extra-reinforced mast step that prevents breakage

Mast thwart

Extra-reinforced mast thwart including handle


Extra-reinforced no-friction daggerboard case

Centreboard protection

Wear-resistant rubber disc for centreboard protection


Trilam construction with closed-cell foam layer


Children can easily lift the boat themselves. Even with cold hands, they have good grip

Ratchet block

Possibility of fitting an additional ratchet block

Rudder mounting

In good position, allowing water to drain between layers


In good position, allowing water to drain between layers


The shape of the boat ensures that, after capsizing and bringing the boat back into position, 80% of the water drains directly and the rest through the drain holes in the transom. This makes it easier for instructors

Available in six colours

More comfortable than most optimists

Space-saving in transport and stockage

Ready to sail or Hull only

If you choose the complete boat, we supply the following parts as standard.

  • Foot rims
  • School sleeve pocket sail
  • Blocks and complete line set
  • Optiparts mast, sprit and boom
  • Wooden daggerboard and rudder including tiller and extension
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