Offer sailing classes wherever and whenever you want!

A smart educational tool that expands teaching possibilities!

The SailingMaker is an ingenious simulator that matches the movements of a sailboat boat in the water. Thanks to an electromechanical system, a student can steer the boat in all directions. A tilting system simulates tacking so that a student becomes familiar with the mobility of a sailboat. This way, a novice sailor can get acquainted with sailing in a safe and playful way and is well prepared for a first trip on the water.

The special features at a glance

  • Easy to install and move.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Simplifies the first steps to learning to sail in a dynamic and playful way.
  • Equals a real experience on the water where all maneuvers can be made in a complete boat.
  • A safe way to remove uncertainties from beginning students.
  • The instructor can see the sail trim up close and easily guide students.
  • Suitable for beginner, advanced and specific sailing training.
  • Courses guaranteed, even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Available in 3 models (sizes).

More comfortable than most optimists

Space-saving in transport and stockage

Effective coaching

Because this dynamic simulator allows the sailing instructor to guide a student up close, a highly interactive learning process is created. The novice sailor quickly learns to understand the movements of the boat. He learns to deal with balance and can easily practice tacking and jibing. It’s safe, so it’s an excellent way to practice endlessly and develop confidence in the boat.

Specific training

This SailingMaker is also a handy educational tool for the advanced sailor. Constant training improves skills, agility and rhythm. The instructor can directly correct and trim the positions. Also more difficult actions such as quickly inserting and overtaking a spinnaker can be trained.

Not weather-dependent, so continuity and more efficiency.

Lack of wind, too much wind and rough water often cause class cancellations. In those cases, SailingMaker guarantees the continuity of your lessons. Fans that provide wind are used for indoor training. So, in all cases, your classes can continue. It’s an investment that pays for itself in no time.

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