Topper sailboats

Suitable for every age and every sailing level, both for sailing schools, individuals and rental companies.

A suitable boat for every target group!

Topper Sailboats has a unique and unparalleled production process that makes the boats lighter, stiffer and stronger than many comparable boats. In other words, high quality.

Topper is the only company in the world to have a very wide range of open sailboats, suitable for every age and every sailing level. Various mono-hulls with centerboard, keelboats and catamarans.

Topper PE boats are 100% recyclable. Added to a long lifespan, this makes the boats durable. That’s important in this day and age!

From beginner to sporty racer

Have you already learned to sail and are you looking for a bit more of a challenge? With a Topperboot you can easily take the next step. Whether you are big or small, young or old. There is a boat for every situation. From light and easy to handle to the more sporty challenge, complete with gennaker and trapeze.

Topper has boats suitable for inland waters as well as at sea. There is even a whole range of catamarans.


From 1-person crew to 7 people

Topper boats come in all sizes and designs. You want to sail alone? Sail together with your child? With friends or the whole family? Anything is possible.

There is a very sporty range but also more comfortable versions for if you want sporty sailing but still want comfort.

Indestructible instruction boats that prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Topper Sailboats has a unique and unparalleled production process that makes the boats lighter, stiffer and stronger than many comparable boats. They are indestructible, last longer, and continue to look beautiful. So you have little maintenance and costs. In addition, Topper PE boats are 100% recyclable. Added to a long lifespan, this makes the boats durable. In this day and age, this is an increasingly important aspect.

Select your Topper

Topper Taz
Veilig en makkelijk te bedienen
Topper Topaz
Baanbrekend en veelzijdig
Topper Ranger
Springplank naar volle plané
Topper Vibe
Snelheid en sensatie
Topper Argo
Een echte all-rounder
Topper Xenon
Een uitdagende race-machine
Topper Omega
De grootste in de Topper range
Topper Catamarans
Stoer, snel en krachtig

A safe and easy-to-operate youth boat

The TAZ is an ideal youth boat for the youngest sailors who are learning to sail or already have some experience. The boat can be sailed by both one- and two-man crew. In addition to a mainsail, a jib can easily be added. The boat is surprisingly spacious, so that two children, but also an adult and a child can move around well.

The TAZ is a light and stable boat. It is easy to rig up and operate. The mast is divisible and all parts are easy to disassemble. Because it is so handy, it can be transported on the roof of the car.

A boat that grows with your sailing experience!

This stable hull forms the basis of a system in which, by means of a number of rigging options, you can easily expand the possibilities. In this way, you can build a very easy and solo to operate boat for a young, novice sailor in two steps into a sporty club racer for a crew of two.

The TOPAZ is the lightest boat in its class and weighs only 60 kilos. This boat shows surprising performance and is therefore very popular with sailing schools. The TOPAZ Tres is even equipped with a racing sail, gennaker and trapeze. This makes this boat a wonderful racing monster. Due to its low weight, it can be transported on almost any car.

Where talent and speed meet

The sailors from the age of 14 with competitive talent can grow well in this boat. This is a slender, fast hull! The Ranger Club is equipped with a rig that makes the boat manageable and can be equipped with a gennaker and trapeze. The Ranger Race XT is equipped with a significantly larger rig to increase the challenge to competitive sailing.

The ‘Pocket-Rocket’. Speed and sensation characterize the Vibe.

The Topper Vibe Race XT with large Mylar rig, gennaker and trapeze is a sporty and less forgiving youth boat suitable for ambitious advanced sailors from 14 years old.

However, the rigging is easy to adjust so that even the less experienced sailor can experience the “thrill” of this boat.

A true all-rounder. Only super satisfied customers!

The Argo is a really great sailboat for a wide target group. The Argo is very comfortable yet sporty. Due to its hull shape, it is stable and spacious. Sail it alone, with the whole family or group of friends or go out as a couple. It’s all possible.

The performance and accessibility of the Argo impress the experienced sailor but also gives confidence to the novice sailor. The rigging is easy to adjust. Also while sailing. This ensures manageability and trust. The boat can be equipped with trapeze and gennaker.

This is a durable boat that remains beautiful even with intensive use. Because of its ease of sailing and space, it is also a very popular boat in teaching situations and for rental.

Temperamental and available with lifting keel

Sailing in a dinghy is dynamic and spectacular. You can enjoy yourself physically with this temperamental boat. Alone or together.

Nevertheless, there may be circumstances in which you need more stability as a sailor. Then the Xenon K1 offers a solution. Topper Sailboats was the first in the world to develop a PE boat with a lifting keel. The combination of the keel and the wide hull make this adventurous boat extra stable.

A versatile crown in the Topper fleet

This versatile and spacious boat is suitable for sailing with the whole family. She can also be supplied with a bulb lifting keel, which makes her even more stable.

With the Omega you can discover new sailing areas or take the boat with you on holiday. Due to its light weight, it is easy to trailer. If you don’t want to or can’t sail, you can still go in all directions with this boat. It can be equipped with a motor mount and handy storage compartment for the motorcycle.

Because of its space and stability, the Omega is also perfect as an instruction boat or for rental. You can use this sailboat for teaching with an instructor and several novice students in the boat. It’s also suitable for remote teaching of multiple boats with slightly more experienced learners.

Topper has a full fleet of catamarans

That allows you to teach young youth from 6 years old to adults. These catamarans are characterized by speed, sportiness but above all a solid quality. Suitable for intensive use and interesting for private individuals. The catamarans are made of PE-Trilam, are light and stand out due to the rigid construction, which makes them not only suitable for inland waterways but also seaworthy.

Topaz Cat 12
The key to the Cat 12 is its simplicity. Rigging is quick and easy. Although designed for 2 crew members, this catamaran is light enough to be operated by 1 child as well. The boat is equipped with a trapeze as standard and can also be supplied with a gennaker.

Topaz Cat 14
A powerful catamaran with superb performance suitable for 1 to 3 people. The sophisticated hull of this catamaran is light, stiff and strong. It is more manoeuvrable than many comparable catamarans. It is easy to operate and remains easy to handle. A perfect playmate for the more advanced youth who are looking for a little more sensation. The single harness is standard. The double harness and the gennaker are optional.

Topaz Cat 16
This catamaran is a real showpiece! Impressive, fast and exciting. A joy to sail with for a crew of 1 to 4 people. It is equipped with a double harness as standard. You can also opt for a large gennaker of 11.18 m2.

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