WW Sails
Dinghy sails and yacht sails

Own sail-making facility

WorldWide Sailing has its own sail-making facility specialising in dinghy and yacht sails. We focus on manufacturing instructional and touring sails. Quality and longevity are of course paramount.

Attractively priced sails for intensive users

The sail-making facility is equipped to handle high-volume production as well as customisation. Our sailmakers are trained by major brands like Hyde and North and work with state-of-the-art equipment. Raw materials are also chosen very carefully. Because we can handle high volumes and have a number of sails for instruction and rental boats as standard in our collection, we can offer you an attractive price.

Standard in range

  • Laser Pico
  • Learling
  • RS Feva
  • Valk
  • Fox
  • Other sails in consultation

Sailing with your own image

Upon request, we can provide all kinds of images on your sails. From a simple logo to a fully printed sail. Anything is possible.

Users think with us

Most of our customers are intensive users of sails, such as sailing schools and rental companies. Besides high quality, they find it important that the design of a sail meets specific needs and requirements based on their situation. That is why we design in consultation with our customers. This is how we arrive at sails that fit like a glove.

A sail for every yacht

Our sail-making facility makes yacht sails for both serial production and one-offs. Of course, our motto here is quality and longevity as well. Want to request a quote?