Topper Catamarans
Tough, fast and powerful. From 10 to 60 years old!

Topper has an entire fleet of catamarans.

This will enable you to teach children from 6 years old to adults. These catamarans are characterised by speed, sportiness but above all solid quality. Suitable for intensive use and interesting for private individuals. Made of PE-Trilam, the catamarans are light and stand out for their rigid construction, making them not only suitable for inland waters but certainly seaworthy as well.

Topaz Cat 12

The key to the Cat 12 is its simplicity. Rigging is quick and easy. Although designed for 2 crew, this catamaran is light enough to be operated by 1 child as well. The boat is equipped with a trapeze as standard and can also be supplied with a gennaker.

Topaz Cat 14

A powerful catamaran with brilliant performance suitable for 1 to 3 people. The sophisticated hull of this catamaran is light, stiff and strong. It is more manoeuvrable than many a comparable catamaran. She is easy to operate and remains easy to handle. A perfect playmate for the already advanced youth looking for some more thrills. The single trapeze is standard. The double trapeze and gennaker are optional.

Topaz Cat 16

This catamaran is a real showpiece! Impressively fast and exciting. A joy to sail for a crew of 1 to 4. It is equipped with a double trapeze as standard. You can also opt for large 11.18 m2 gennaker.

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