WorldWide Sailing
About us

WorldWide Sailing is located at Koornwaard, a special business park

It is located on the idyllic river Linge where the old brick factory De Koornwaard  used to be located. The owners have even had a piece of nature reserve created on the property where birds, mammals and butterflies come to forage and it is open to schools and the public.

We work on pleasant working here

For that reason, WorldWide Sailing has felt at home here for years You are welcome to come and see our whole range of new and used boats.

Gerke Smakman: "let's make the world sail!"

From the age of 18, I was a sailing instructor at sailing schools. There, I found out what qualities instructional sailboats should meet. Based on that vision, I developed an instructional optimist that was pleasant to sail and met those quality requirements. I now have 30 years of experience selling sailboats all over the world. This work still gives me great pleasure every day. It is super satisfying when people enjoy sailing our boats.